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Vancouver Internet

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Domain Registration
Vancouver Internet Inc. is classified as a Registration Service Provider, according to our contract with Tucows OpenSRS and their current accreditation agreement with ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) 

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Domain Names

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Rates start at just $25 Canadian per year (see application form for details)

Domain Description Registration cost per year
Canadian $
Setup Time Agreement



25.00 24 hrs general


Network 25.00 24 hrs general


Organization 25.00 24 hrs general


Educational 25.00 24 hrs general
.cc Cocos Islands 50.00 24 hrs cc
.vc St. Vincent 75.00 24 hrs vc
.tv Tuvalu (high profile) 99.00 24 hrs tv


United Kingdom 15.00/2yr min 24 hrs uk
.org.uk United Kingdom 15.00/2yr min 24 hrs uk
.eu European coming 24 hrs general
.nl Netherlands coming 24 hrs general
.info  for anyone who wants it 25.00/2yr min 24 hrs info
.name  personal, not business, use for individuals 30.00 24 hrs name
.us USA coming    


Canadian (National) 50.00 24 hrs ca


Canadian (Provincial) 50.00 24 hrs ca


N/C 24 hrs  

Vancouver Internet has been serving Western Canada since 1995

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