Captain Vancouver’s Blog

  • 1. Vancouver walk-abouts
    There are few occupations that allow people to walk around during the day soaking up what is going on in neighbourhoods. After all, most of us spend our day inside our offices. I’ve spent my fair share in them as well over the years so I know that feeling. I can however, think of two occupations … Read more
  • 2. The “Vancouver Special”
    What’s so special about the #Vancouver Special? The Vancouver special is a bit like that relative that you all quietly say….” how did he end up in our Swedish family?”  You have 50 cousins all with blond hair and names like Bjorn, Gustaf, and Helga and then there’s Cousin Jimmy, the only one with black hair, a … Read more
  • 3. Vancouver – Hollywood North
    Did you know #Vancouver was the first Hollywood! You’ve likely never heard of Filmmaker William Harbeck. He died on the Titanic at the age of 44 over 100 years ago and was in fact the official filmmaker on the Titanic. He also happens to have made the very first film of Vancouver, in 1907. Imagine filming the first … Read more
  • 4. Vancouver – Christmas Story
    The Worlds Best REALTOR® … a Christmas Story You’re expecting me to say that the world’s best Realtor® is none other than me – right! Well maybe, but for this article I’m going to pass the credit on to a real estate professional named ‘Jo’ – but just for December. The rest of the year I’m the Worlds … Read more
  • 5. Vancouver Cycles – Sea to Sky
    Vancouver cycles from Sea to Sky #Vancouver cycles from Sea to Sky. The GranFondo this year started in Stanley Park at sea level and cyclists rode 122 km all the way up to the village of Whistler an elevation of 1700 meters. Since we proudly sponsored a rider this year, Septembers blog is going to be about Whistler and … Read more
  • 6. The Colour of Real Estate in Vancouver
    The #colourofrealestate in #Vancouver. Summertime…’For Sale’ signs go up, families move in and out of neighbourhoods, and its a time when homeowners do their outdoor renos like exterior painting.  I have a client with an elderly relative who I’ve gotten to know over the years. She maintains her Vancouver property in immaculate shape. Her house looks great for its age … Read more
  • 7. Moving to Vancouver – Flowers
    Moving your flowers with you You don’t have to leave your heritage flowers behind when you move. This month I spent a lot of time in East Van and I added another website to the Your Key Series on the Captain Vancouver Real Estate Network for East Van called Vancouverites luv east van (  How does this bring … Read more
  • 8. Vancouver – Wet Coast
    Vancouver the ‘Wet Coast’ #Vancouver ‘the Wet Coast.’ The joke goes like this…a tourist arrives in Vancouver on a rainy day. He gets up the next morning and it’s still raining. In fact, it’s still raining three days later. He goes out to supper and sees a young kid. Out of despair, he asks, “Hey … Read more
  • 9. Vancouver – Going to the dogs
    Vancouver is going to the Dogs! #Vancouver is going to the dogs! If there’s one common feature to all neighbourhoods it has to be the family pet. Unfortunately there is one other common feature that I see a lot of when I’m out and about in different Vancouver neighbourhoods – missing pet posters. I have often wondered just how effective these … Read more